Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hat progress...

Despite being a bit busy, the little hat project is actually going very well! The hat itself is completed, and surprisingly didn't take very long. It came together over the course of two shows last Saturday, which considering there was only about 10 minutes not spent on standby in each show, is pretty impressive!

I made the hat by making a doughnut shape and circle just a bit bigger than the hole of the doughnut out of cardboard and covering both in royal blue felt. It was all going so well, until the moment I realised that making the middle part of the hat slant as I wanted to would require a) a piece of fairly flexible card (which I didn't have) and b) some overly complicated folding (that my tired brain didn't want to cope with).

I was sitting in the office between shows fretting about this when the stage management team reappeared with their coffee...

The costume-on-a-budget part of my brain kicked in and suddenly I had a centre part to my top hat. I found a spare Takeaway cup from the bar downstairs, cut it to size and started covering it with felt. By the end of Saturday, I had a completed little blue hat!

So, what remains to be done now is the fun part: decorating the hat with all the exciting things I found in john Lewis habidashery dept...continue watching this space for further hat progress (and maybe pictures...!)

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