Friday, 4 January 2013

2012: The Uncharted Projects: Part 1...

Happy New Year!

When I look and see how long its been since I posted on here, my immediate reaction is to issue a profound apology for being so goddamn useless. My second reaction is to resolve (you know, New Year and all that) to post more often. First though, I think I should catch you up on the missing projects and travels of the last few months so here is the second half of 2012 in thusfar uncharted projects (and travels)...

I suppose my first move should be to update you on the hat that was the subject of my last post. I was made relatively quickly, as I said, during spare time on a show but the decorating, done with bits and pieces from the lovely John Lewis habidashery department, was done at home on the day before the event was due to take place. 

And here is the hat! The base is a royal blue felt over cardboard and it is held in place by a ribbon tied under the hair. Originally it had a small comb sewn into it but the hat proved a little heavy and my hair a little slippery for the comb to be conducive to the hat staying on my head! In addition to the ribbon to hold it on, the decoration consisted of a cluster of buttons on the front covering the join of three pieces of ribbon, handily decorated with union flags and their related colours. On the back of the hat (and, I'll be honest, it was partly to cover a less-than-tidy join in the felt) I put another cluster, this time made up of cherry red and dark red feathers. The finishing touch was a small veil over the left eye which is made of four leaf shaped peices of netting, two each in cream and dark red placed alternately and sewn in under the brim. On the second layer, I sewed in a few pearlised transparent beads to add detail to the veil. If you're wondering how I could see a) its still relatively see through and b) I can't really see in my left eye so it really makes no difference to cover it!

I paired the hat with a union flag dress that I bought for the Jubliee and a large red necklace bought a few years ago from spitalfields market. The hat is worn on one side of the head to accommodate its a-symetry.

And you'll be pleased to know that it was well recieved by the hostess of the event who, true to form, had created some crafty things for her ceremony the most memorable of which was adding a rainbow coloured satin lining to her graduation gown which revealed itself when she twirled across the dancefloor of the Randolph hotel's ballroom.

Late, but still heartfelt, congratulations to her for her achievement and here's to the PhD (and an excuse to make another hat!).

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